Terms and Conditions

Currency and applicable taxes

All our prices are in Euros and include VAT. HNN Suites Granada is not responsible for differences in exchange rates offered by online tools. These tools are used only for estimating costs.

Pricing Policy

Our prices are based on the length of stay among other factors. Any alteration of the stay may result in different prices.

The prices of the apartments can change at any time without prior notice.

Payments and deposits

Depending on the price plan selected when you made your reservation, you may be required to pay a deposit in order to guarantee your reservation.

In the event of detecting any fraudulent activity in the payment information, HNN Suite may cancel the reservation without notice.

Standard Pricing Plan

A deposit corresponding to one night’s stay can be charged at any time after accepting and sending your reservation. Please activate your card so that international charges can be made and ensure that you have sufficient funds. The holder of the credit card used to confirm the reservation as well as the card itself must be present to make the entry into the apartment.

Non-Refundable Price Plan

If you choose a non-refundable price plan or any other plan that requires full payment for the stay, a confirmation form will be sent to you by email to facilitate payment via online banking or bank transfer. In the meantime, a valid credit card will be required to hold a provisional booking for a few days.

Please note that your booking will not be confirmed until all payment terms have been met. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Promotional Payment

When this plan is available through our website, the same terms apply as the Standard plan.

Incident deposits

The HNN SUITES Apartments preauthorize on arrival a credit card for each apartment booked.

These amounts are maintained as security and can be used for any charges incurred or to cover incidents.

The pre-authorized amounts are, at all times, managed by your bank. Please note that the credit available on your card may be temporarily affected. The apartment has no control over how long these operations will take to be cancelled.

For more information on the return process, please consider calling VISA International at 900 991 124.

Cancellation Policy

Depending on the price plan chosen, you can cancel your reservation at any time simply by sending written notification to our Reservations Department.

Refund Policy

Depending on the price plan chosen, if you cancel your reservation with a refund, please allow us a few days to complete this refund.

If the cancellation is received during the weekend, we will not be able to process the refund until the next working day, normally the following Monday.


In case of no-show, HNN Suites will cancel your reservation without further notice, putting your room up for sale to another guest. This may result in the loss of any amount paid upon confirmation of your reservation.

Similarly, you may notify the apartment of your late arrival or delayed travel plans to keep the reservation active. This modification may, however, require the authorization of a supervisor.

Early departure

If you need to leave the apartment early, the apartment may charge you an early departure penalty.

Third-party payment authorizations

In the event that you wish to pay for another customer’s stay, you will need to request a third party payment form.

In order to validate the payment, the apartment needs to receive by e-mail, a copy of the payment form signed by the owner of the card as well as a copy of his ID or passport and a scanned copy of both sides of the card. The form will also show a deadline for completing this payment.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements, or to miss the payment deadline, may result in the cancellation of the reservation, thus annulling any previous agreement on prices and/or conditions.

Over-occupation of rooms

In order to avoid space problems and inconveniences during your stay, there are limits on the number of guests that can be accommodated in each type of room.

If these limits are exceeded, and depending on the number of additional persons, the apartment may require the payment of supplements as well as the reservation of additional rooms in order to be able to enter the apartment.

Regardless of the maximum recommended occupancy, in the case of apartments, a child under 12 years of age may enjoy an extra bed or cradle free of charge. A supplement will be paid, however, for children over this age. It is not allowed to add extra beds in the rooms nor is it possible to add more than one extra bed in each apartment booked.

It is forbidden to invite strangers into the rooms as well as the use of the apartment’s facilities by strangers. In order to guarantee the maximum fluidity in the services of the apartment, all adults in a room must register upon arrival.

HNN Suites cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or additional charges that may arise from not providing information about the number of occupants in advance.

Arrival and Departure Hours

The official time for check-in begins at 2 PM, while the time for check-out is 11 AM.

Request early entry and/or late exit

Depending on the availability of the apartments, you can send a request to come in early or leave late. Such requests may incur additional charges and cannot always be accommodated.

Minors in the Apartments

Clients must be over 18 to check in, or be accompanied by a legal guardian or relative in the same room. HNN Suites requires valid identification for all adult occupants of rooms at check-in.

The apartment is not responsible for any inconvenience or loss associated with the cancellation of a reservation due to failure to comply with this requirement.

Smoking in the rooms

Smoking is not permitted in the rooms or on the premises of the apartments. You may incur additional expenses if you do not comply with this rule.

Forgotten objects in the apartments

In case you forget some object the day of your departure, please complete this form, offering detailed information about it. We will contact you as soon as possible after checking the information received.

To organize the collection, you will need to send a courier service of your convenience.

The HNN Suites apartment is not responsible for the loss or damage of any forgotten or unattended items in the parking lot, in the rooms or in any other area of the HNN Suite apartments.

Rules of behavior

Disturbing others during your stay may result in the cancellation of the stay and loss of amounts paid up to that point. HNN suite is frequented by many families; inappropriate, unseemly or endangering behavior is not permitted.

By demanding extra towels or blankets, or leaving the room in need of extra cleaning, you may incur additional charges.

Booking.com customers

All of the above conditions apply to Booking.com customers with the exception of our promotional and non-refundable rates which are not available through this platform.

You should be aware that Booking.com does not provide your contact details to HNN Suite. To mitigate the inconvenience of this measure and ensure smooth service, you are requested to send your requests directly to info@hnnsuites.com.

HNN Suite is not responsible for any inconvenience or misunderstanding caused by incorrect information on its pages.

Terms of use of our website

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