Internal Regulations


Pursuant to Article 13 of Decree 47/2004 of 10 February 2004, on Hotel Establishments, BOJA No. 42, of 2 March 2004, the establishment has the following Internal Regulations which must be complied with by the establishment’s clients.

1- Art. 13. Internal Regulations.

a.The hotel establishments may have an internal regime regulation which will establish rules of obligatory compliance for the users during their stay.

b.The internal rules and regulations which, where applicable, exist, shall specify, as a minimum, the conditions of admission, the rules of coexistence and operation, as well as all that which allows and favours the normal development of the enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services.

c.The owners of the hotel establishments may request the assistance of the agents of the authority to evict users who do not comply with the internal regulations or who try to access or remain in the same for a purpose other than the normal use of the service, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 33.2 of the Law on Tourism.

2- Users are obliged to pay the amount of the contracted services at the time of presentation of the invoice.

3- The establishment may request prior guarantee of payment by credit card for the contracted services, both for the total amount of the reservation and for the extras, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

4- Occupancy of the accommodation unit begins at 12.00 noon on the first day of the contracted period and ends at 12.00 noon on the day of departure. For possible changes, both for occupation and for prolongation for a longer period than that described above, without prior agreement, an extra day will be charged.

5- Two people will not be allowed to stay in a double room that has been contracted as a single room. In this case, the rate fixed for double use will be paid.

6- Smoking is prohibited in the entire establishment.

7- The access of people accompanied by animals is prohibited, with the exception of people accompanied by guide dogs, in accordance with Law 5/1998, of 23 November, regarding the use of guide dogs in Andalusia by people with visual dysfunctions.

8- The circulation and stay inside the establishment will be in the places reserved for the clients, without them being able to access in any case to the reserved or private rooms or spaces. The clothing or clothing will be those established for this purpose.

9- You are obliged to leave the flat key inside the apartment before leaving the establishment.

10- The management of the establishment recommends:

-Keep an eye on your luggage. Do not leave it unattended.
-Close the door of your flat when you leave it and try to open it again to make sure it is properly locked, even if it is only for a short time.
-Keep the door locked when you are in the flat.
-Protect your flat key. Always return your key, in hand, whenever possible, when you leave the premises.
-Do not invite strangers into your flat, or tell them your apartment number.
-Do not allow repair personnel to enter your flat without being requested or authorised to do so by the management of the establishment.
-Do not allow people to enter your flat with unsolicited deliveries.
-When socialising with strangers, do not disclose the name of the establishment or your flat number.
-If you discover any damage or anomalies, please contact reception.
-The electrical installation in your room is 220 Volts.
-Please respect the areas in which the flats are located during the night and during siesta hours and, in general, avoid making unnecessary noise.
-Please use the facilities appropriately, respecting the furniture and common areas of the establishment.